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• 7/7/2018

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• 5/16/2017

Official Migration

I've started copying some of the recently edited articles over to the new wiki which we've been emphasizing more edits there. Unless there's anything else you want to do around here, I think after we finish copying the articles we want, we can safely retire this place.
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• 2/10/2017

High Elves

So we brought up the idea that High Elves once had an empire that rivaled Leir. There’s a ton we can do with this, but I wanted to run by a couple things first.

So these High Elves are a deconstruction of your typical "elves better than everyone else". Basically, they are a society all about racism, eugenics and the belief that their ideologies are superior.
They would have went to war with Leir a lot, but there would have been a few truces throughout the ages. High Elves would have wanted to subjugate others to their will.
High elves would be rare today due to losing genetic diversity coupled with Leir's destruction crippling their steady supply of ekati.

Where was this High Elf empire? Was it in Khyorgan?
Did they have any connections with Segara or the gods? Could the elven god(s) have directed their behavior?
Where do High Elves live now?
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• 2/5/2017

Recreating Elves

As I have seen on a number of occassions, people like what I got (Insert Rick and Morty Reference)
But I noticed also that their is a lot of discuss on the Elves. This got me thinking that maybe I can work on the Elves to give them what people like about my stuff so much.
I have a few ideas to change the elves to make them more unique to us, but I'll need permission and to discuss some of them. But the first one I would like to touch is Dark Elves (Which I eventually want to rename to Deep Elves). And come up with a unified naming pattern like in Elder Scrolls, how all the elves are some varient of Mer. I.E. "Dwemer, Altmer, etc.
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• 1/19/2017

Invasion of Leir

A continuation of our earlier discussion.
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• 9/9/2016


A while back, we were thinking about making an original map for the world of Erudite. I threw one together and put it on a t-shirt (which I've still got), but it's far from professional quality and needs some work (getting rid of the Wastes might be a step in the right direction, I've changed my mind about that particular concept). I think it might be a good idea to commission a higher-quality one of the world, plus maybe a couple for the main continents (Eidyn/Valorum and Khyorgan). Assuming anyone else is interested, should we go as far as to pay for one? Your thoughts and input would be appreciated.
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• 11/19/2015

Grand Idol so far

I though I'd post a more detailed status update on my story. Even though I have most of the story done, I haven't uploaded the next chapter yet mainly because I'm still trying to figure out how to connect all the pieces together. It's probably high time I ask for a little assistance in figure this out. To do this, I'll have to elaborate on the segments I haven't released yet, so there are a bit of spoilers below. The story is a bit complex with a lot of plot threads going on, but I'll try to explain it as best I can.
Summary of Story:
Alder Carnelian, who is afflicted by a curse that rips apart his soul, is a knight who failed in his duties and as a result, joined the Militia, a centralized military force composed of orphans, runaways and petty criminals. There, Alder becomes a squad leader due to his prior experience in the military and becomes companions with Neil Illuvin - a upper middle class teen who joined the Militia willingly due to his idealistic view of the world, Crow Mahogany - a runaway street urchin that lived off of scraps in a large, urban city, and Darcy Lynette - a previously enslaved mage that was set free by her master.
During Alder's training, the city of Jacinth experiences increasing violence as a result of reactor meltdown that led to a ghoul invasion. Alder's unit is sent over there to provide assistance, but it ultimately turns out that the Militia is really just a purge to get rid of the unneeded populace of the country. Alder and his team are underequipped and do not possess the means to really do anything to help the local city watch. This is going on at the same time some of Alder's distant family, the Sardius mages, are murdering targets within Jacinth in efforts to please the Grand Idol, an entity which Alder's curse is directly associated with.
Later, Alder gets separated from the rest of his squad, and shortly after, gets accused of the use of black magic and promptly gets arrested. During the following trial, Alder's father vouches for him, claiming that it wasn't his fault, resulting in his father getting executed instead. Alder becomes free to go although the real reason the government did so was that they could control Alder via blackmail and use him as a pawn. The fact that Alder possesses the curse remains unknown to the public.
Reasoning that the curse had been creating far more bloodshed than the whole city of Jacinth, Alder comes to the conclusion that he needs to stop it for good and willingly wakes up the Grand Idol to unleash it upon the city. However, through his efforts, the Grand Idol is defeated, but Jacinth was reduced to rubble.
Afterwards, the remaining Militia soldiers see Alder as a hero and pledge their allegiance to him, not knowing that he was the one that unleashed the Grand Idol. Because of his father's death, Alder becomes a Baron, and now has developed a loyal following which potentially threatens the current, corrupted regime. The story ends with him uncertain of his next move.
The Theme
The main theme and message of the Grand Idol story is all about actions and their consequences. Basically, that your decisions can drastically affect the lives of others. The mistakes you make in the past tend to be irreparable, but in no way should that stop you from continuing on with life.
There's also some political and religious commentary in there for good measure although this is mainly for background since this is a fairly dark setting. However, as with the case of all of my stories, there won't be any hidden allegories or anything like that since I want to deliberately avoid the Author Filibuster.
Alder's Curse:
The actual identity of Alder's curse is some sort of link to a colossus known as the Grand Idol that lies at the bottom of the ocean just off the coast of Arguros. Essentially, the curse feeds off of his soul over time and tortures him with vivid nightmares. When Alder was much younger, he was fairly optimistic, but the curse over time essentially turned him into what I'll equate to a high-functioning sociopath since he's largely become desensitized to its effects. (In fact, the vast majority of Carnelian's sister house Sardius is descended from former bearers of the curse, and thus have become heavily associated with deranged criminals who kill for the sake of relieving the effects of the curse.) Alder can actually stop the curse by willing itself out of him, but doing so will wake the Grand Idol and send it on a city-destroying rampage. However, if Alder dies, the curse gets passed on to someone else who will go through the same hardship he is, a cycle that's endured for at least a few thousand years. Alder received the curse from his mother - she's a Sardius sorceress that got together with his father the Baron of Carnelian out of defiance of the rival houses akin to Romeo and Juliet. The relationship did not end well, although Alder's father does remain alive until shortly before the finale chapters.
Some extra info: While I haven't decided if there's meant to be more than one cursebearer at a time, the previous cursebearers essentially created Sardius' fanatic lifestyle, embracing the curse for what it is since they're no longer bound by moral obligation. Alder's mother was the first in a long time to reject that life style by getting together with Alder's father (they never married, so Alder is illegitimate) who at the time was also tired of the ultra prim and proper ways of Carnelian. Alder doesn't really angst about his past all that much in the story. In fact, he generally refuses to talk about it at all as doing so will trigger the nightmares associated with the curse.
Very few people know of Alder's curse, and some shady organizations that work for House Amethyst (the current occupiers of the throne of Arguros) want to exploit it and use it for their own propaganda and complex political schemes. Most of that is background info though, since the main focus of the story is Alder and his squadmates surviving in the ghoul-ridden city of Jacinth (which suffered a reactor meltdown several months prior). They get sent there after Jacinth requests some Militia soldiers to help deal with not only loose ghouls, but also the angry protesters gathering at the walls of the city. However, the Militia soldiers eventually get neglected from any sort of outside support or backup pretty much dooming most of them to die in the city. Functionally though, this is their purpose as it is Arguros' way of purging the poor populace.
So about halfway through, it turns into something like a zombie survival horror story as they scavenge for food and resources, all while living off of adamantide supplements which repel the effects of the miraculum radiation. This happens to all be going on while Sardius assassins are sneaking around the city, hunting down easy victims (i.e. innocent refugees that are stuck or trapped in the ghoul-infested areas) in hopes of pleasing the Grand Idol with sacrifices.
The current ending I have planned is that Alder chooses to deliberately unleash the Grand Idol so that it can be destroyed once and for all to put an end to the curse. While it essentially destroys Jacinth, it's a Pyrrhic victory and Alder ends up being seen as a hero since the public doesn't know that he was the one that unleashed it. However, the schemers of Amethyst choose to withhold this information from the public so that they could later crush him politically if he poses a threat to the current regime as Alder is the next in line for the title of Baron of House Carnelian. The story ends on a bittersweet note with Alder assuming the role of Baron knowing that he has to pick up the pieces of the disaster he caused.
What I need help with:
I really need the most assistance with characterizations as this is probably by far the most complex story I've written to date.

Alder is more or less the main protagonist, but how much of the other Militia members should I write about? How far should Alder's squadmates be developed? Would it be wise to create other squad supporting characters?
I actually don't have a clear cut reason as to why Alder joins the Militia in the first place. I have vague implications about him failing to become a knight, but what I want him to do is to commit some kind of atrocious act that got him kicked out. I don't want it to be the classic being tricked by an evil mentor trope since I'm aiming for it to be unambiguously Alder's fault to fit with the story's theme.
I'm still a bit iffy on the details as to actually how Alder stops the Grand Idol. My initial plan was for him to perform some sort of ritual, but this doesn't really seem to reflect the kind of character I want to portray him as. I want to find a way for Alder to stop the Grand Idol using his wits and experience. Would it be realistic if Alder seizes command of the Militia soldiers and puts together a battle strategy? Right now, I've written that Amethyst is unwilling to provide their own troops to help out in the disaster so they're on their own.
Things I want to avoid:

I want to specifically avoid Deus Ex Machina and have some kind of outside force save everything. The character need to be able to make due and survive in their situation.
Alder will not be a sacrificial hero as one of the big themes of the story will be dealing with consequences. Alder heroically dying would go against that in my opinion as he needs to be alive to understand the aftermath his decision to release the Grand Idol.
All feedback is appreciated. If it is easier, I could upload more chapters, but the story is still very incomplete and in need of editing so what I have so far is fairly disconnected.
Also, I am very willing to change or retcon any background info that I've established. Once this story is completed, it will become the new primary source of Miraculum Chronicles lore.
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• 9/19/2015

Moving Ishtar and Visitor from the Mushroom Ring

So I've developed the Miraculum Chronicles setting a little bit more and now I have a better grasp on what it's supposed to be. And with ET's recent retcons, I've started to call into question my decision to move the story "Visitor from the Mushroom Ring" to the MC continuity. Lately, I've been thinking about reversing this decision and moving it back.

I decided that I'm not in favor of MC having parallel counterparts. It would save me the trouble of having to write two copies of the same articles and make it less confusing overall. Since we agreed that the region of Leir would be freed up, I retconned Leir storywise by saying that after they had gathered all the Aard'Vorn thousands of years ago, all of its inhabitants mysteriously vanished, and their descendants ended up in MC, and then the Aard'Vorn were all returned to their rightful places.
And the biggest one: The cheery fairy tale theme doesn't really fit with MC's dystopian setting. In MC, I said it was just a legend, but now I kind of want this place to actually be real so that it can be used in other future stories.
Currently, what I'm unsure of is where the world of Ishtar would be physically located in the ET universe with the new retcons. If I am to move it back, what might I change in the story? The only thing I really mentioned so far was that transport between Eidyn and Ishtar is done through a magical portal which takes the form of a ring of mushrooms. Ishtar can be seen in the sky as a pink star.
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• 5/23/2015

Where is everybody?

I've noticed it's been a while since I saw anyone besides Kray here. I was just wondering what happened to everybody? I imagine this drop-off has to do with exam season (speaking of which, I might be taking a vacation soon to prepare for my own final exams), but I just wanted to know for sure.
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• 3/12/2015

Interplanar Era discussion

I know we're still working on the Volveros Revolution, but lately, I've been curious about the Interplanar Era with mentioned possibility of a GC/ET crossover. However, when would it actually begin? How much of a time skip from the Volveros Revolution would it be? If the Empire of the Rising Sun is capable, I could see it happening in as short as 30 years or at most 200. The additional loot from the Segaran ruins would speed things up a lot, too.
In the process of figuring this stuff out, there's a few key things I wanted to point out for the Interplanar Era to be possible:

Etherships would be mass produced and cheap enough for commoners to make use of. Transportation would be heavily expanded upon.
Communication would likely be on par with radios. Interplanar messages might be slower, but across individual planes, it would be very rapid.
Social structures and worldviews would have greatly developed as a result of the Volveros Revolution.
Stylistically, I could see some kind of Dungeon Punk WW1 type setting happening. We may get a few magitek equivalents to modern technology, but we should avoid making it too similar to the real world to keep to the otherworldly setting to maintain contrast with GC and IH.
That's what I got so far. What do you guys think?
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• 11/21/2014

The Soul War, Dragons and other new stuff

This thread is for discussion related to the Soul War, the role of Dragons in ET's history and more new Shattering-related content. In my view, it's chief aim is to help establish what looks like a promising new story arc relating to the cold war between the Gods and Demons, as well as to re-examine the events surrounding the shattering of the United Plane and determine how the Protogenoi and other Dragons fit into all this.
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• 5/9/2014

Roleplaying: Shadow of the Dragon

The World of Conlaoch The Ragnarokkr Empire has heard startling rumors that the nations to the north, under the hegemony of Asgraror, are preparing for war against the Empire. Troop movements have gotten dangerously close to the border, laws against Ragnarokkr citizens have began to form and pass, and skirmishes between Ragnarokkr troops and northern 'bandits' have increased dramatically. Some kingdoms in the south have allied themselves against the threat of either Ragnarokkr or the Northern Hegemony trying to conquer them, while other nations that have remained independant of the troubles begin have problems of their own all at once.
In the capital of Ragnarokkr, Sarkandy, both the army and local warrior orders have called on soldiers and able-bodied people to join against these rising threats. You've just happened to find the very lucruative offer of the Stormhelm Century, a splinter group of the Argent Legions. They offer anyone who signs up a chance for a great treasure and glory as they explore the lands of the Asgraror Hegemony for a legendary artifact, which is against the Hegemony's wishes of course.

You will be working in groups to complete this mission, and you will make decisions with your teammates.
Although this RP follows a linear story, there are numerous ways you can accomplish your objective. How this RP ends is almost entirely up to you, and it will shape the history of Conlaoch as we know it.
You may start from anywhere in the capital of Sarkandy, but preferably, you should be somewhere in the Crown District so that you can get to the inn faster.
When you start out, your character knows nothing of the lands of the Hegemony save their names and perhaps where they generally are if looking on a map. You must learn more about them by talking to locals, or exploring yourself.
The level of difficulty of this RP will be scaled to your character's abilities.

Character Creation
Character: What is your name?
Race: What is your race?
Equipment: You may start with three pieces of equipment.
Skills: Are you magically capable or do you have a knack for machines?
Backstory: Who is your character and why do you wish to go on this expedition?
Location: Where are you when you receive the Stormhelm Century's offer?

Action: What's the first thing you decide to do?
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• 5/1/2014

Putting the Volveros Revolution arc on hold

OK, I can't even remember the last time that Search for the Mask of Bara or Battle for Polvora were edited. Ever since Kray enlisted (is that the proper term?), the story arc has lost it's drive. Furthermore, editing on Erudite has reached another low point. Therefore, I propose we wait until Kray's return to complete the story arc. In the meantime, we need to think up another excuse to edit - namely, some other story arc or a new plane or a collaborative project or something. In other words, something to tide us over until we can complete the story arc. Does anyone agree and/or have ideas about what to work on next?
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• 2/16/2014

Battle for Polvora planning

This thread is for addressing errors and issues relating to Battle for Polvora. Just plans, storylines and other details. No jokes or fun.
All fun is banned. No hugs.
Just kidding :D
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• 2/14/2014

Volveros Revolution

This thread is just for ideas and dicussion on the Volveros Revolution.

Are there any specific requests as to what role they should play in the next part of the story? If not, I'll come up with something of my own.
So far:

Harus Kalla - He wants to find a meaningful death.
Gabrielle - Nothing as of yet
Percival - Nothing as of yet.
Tigeleman - Nothing as of yet.
Erebellis Took - Involved in an unknown conspiracy.
Other factions
Here are some nearby factions that may support either side. As of now, I am uncertain whether they'll pick a side or stay out of it.

Empire of the Rising Sun
Matharian Empire
Kingdom of Karang Batu
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• 2/2/2014

Resolving the Mask of Bara

The Mask of Bara played a critical role in the history of the Polvora Empire. Since I am unable to continue the RP (it turned out to be much longer than I anticipated), the new plan is to put it into lore directly and speculate on what would happen.

Contents[show]The Outcomes
These were the end scenarios I initially had planned. Of course, we can change these as we see fit.
UPDATE: 2b seems to be the most favorable option.

Scenario 1
When the party arrives at the volcano, they discover Polvoran soldiers stationed there. They agree to get the mask, but they later get taken into custody and delivered straight to Castle Bastillo to ensure the mask is transported safely. The player who touched the mask gets executed while the others are let go and rewarded. Prince Barago gets his mask and begins his experiments.

Scenario 2
The party decides to steal the mask for themselves as Anton suggested. They track down the four stone giants and slay them all, unleashing Bara herself. However, it turns out Bara wants nothing more than to be left alone. Anton wants Bara dead, but Prince Barago wants her captured.

Scenario 2a
Either Anton or Barago get what they want, getting the players on the bad side of one faction. Most likely, they ally themselves with the opposite faction.

Scenario 2b
The players let Bara go and get on the bad side of both factions. The players become refugees.
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• 12/13/2013

The Dwarfs of Ethos

Alright, here is an opinion question I have.
During the creation of Ethos, I started with Seylandor and then created the aligning continents of Solothorne and Polannayus, As Seylandor was inhabited by Dwarves, their empire doesn't extend far beyond the oceans of it. And so the Dwarves are separated into three kingdoms due to a conflict called "The Tunnel Wars" which occcured during the Dark Ages.
This War separated the Dwarfen people into three empires.
"The Bluenoses" which existed in the North Pole mountains around Mt. Thu'un  the largest volcano in all Seylandor. Supposedly towards the end of the second age, a massive eruption of this volcano collapsed shafts and exposed cities to it's magma pools and almost made the Bluenoses extinct, although it is questioned if it did as explorers have not seen Bluenoses in many centuries. But their mighty empire built on Black Stone and Fire Salts still exist.
"The Blackbeards" which exist in the Gothelpeiks and were the first to create the Lanterns of Uun to fend off against the dragons. But the lanterns failed and the dragons scorched their lands and cities. Taking Nieznafel for over 100 years before humans arrived. They exist today in the modern age known as "The Empire of the Iron Mountains" as the mountains are known for their iron and metal deposits.
"The Hammerfells" Supposedly part of Seylandor until the Second Age when their mountains ran low on minerals and their people dying from plague and disease. King Llorinn the XI ordered the making of a hammer that was made of all the lightest materials which could be found. After which, he threw it into the air and waited one year before it landed in the far away land of Polannayus, to which these people disappeared to and haven't been sseen on Seylandor shores.
What do you think of these dwarven empires. Please tell me!
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• 11/11/2013

Teleportation and Conjuration

There's a few things that I'm not quite sure about when it comes to teleportation. I figured that now may be a good time to discuss it.
From what I gather, conjuration allows one to summon entities from other planes. Technically, this could be reverse engineered so that you could summon people from other planes to transport them. With some good degree of organization, you could create a teleportation network across multiple planes, though I would imagine it would only be possible if there were two people at both the starting point and the destination. I.e., you couldn't go somewhere where no one has been.
That all makes sense, but how would humans and other older species have become so widespread around Erudite before any of them invented the wheel? With no one on the receiving end, they would have to travel there directly, but being too primitive to build an ethership, this would be impossible unless a more advanced race transplanted them.
This next part sounds like nitpicking, but I think it should be addressed: If you were using foreign entities as summoning familiars, then what if you summoned them when they were in a bad situation? Say, what if they became ill while away from summoning duty, or what if they were sleeping due to time zone differences? Heck, what if you were in the middle of doing something important, and then you were interrupted to go assist a summoner from some far off plane? Conjuration could be an unreliable skill unless either the summoner knew the familiar's schedule or if the familiar were somehow available all of the time.
Lastly and probably the most prevalent thing I've noticed is that I'm curious about the limits of teleportation. If it's something that can casually be done fairly easily, then wouldn't that make virtually every other form of transportation obsolete? Everything from boats to horses to even walking. There would no longer be any need for it. In fact, all of the problems associated with the pre-modern period such as waste management, resource acquisition, etc. would be remedied almost overnight.
I know there are quite a few lore updates that need to be done, but I'm just wondering if I'm up to speed with this concept.
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• 11/7/2013


Currently, I'm lucky enough to be helping rebuild (or rather, refluff) Khyorgan. However, I've been developing an idea for another plane to be added to Erudite. Not on purpose, it just came to me. I think this concept is fairly unique and interesting.
Essentially, it's the remains of an unstable plane that crumbled into a bunch of tiny islands and would have been turned to dust. However, a second plane - a small one with a fairly large core - drifted past, and the fragments coalesced around it. As a result, two planes were formed. The original, crumbling plane became Nod, and the new, stable one became Eden. All the floating islands formed a sort of "multiplane" orbiting Eden and Nod, which was called Aether.
I also have ideas for two resident races, the Vampyres and the Angels. Angels are bird-winged beings from Eden who have all the resources they need for their society. They live in a near-utopia. Vampyres are from Nod, and remember, Nod is unstable and often falling apart. Therefore, they have it rough. They're similar to Angels, but they're carnivorous and have bat-like wings.
Any thoughts, constructive criticism? And was this the right thread to put the idea in?
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• 10/12/2013

Roleplaying: Mask of Bara

NOTE: This RP is now closed and will no longer be updated unless someone else decides to take over.

The Polvora Empire has begun a series of expeditions to explore the South Nautilus Isles. The King and Queen are looking for brave adventurers to explore these islands and bring back any valuable artifacts. This RP will take place before Polvora decided to go on its conquest campaign.
You've received a memo to meet an unknown individual in the Dancing Dragon Inn at Port Arcoris. The Mask of Bara, a cursed artifact said to bestow limitless magical powers, is rumored to be located at the heart of a volcano somewhere on the island of Kesuma. Retrieve the mask and bring it back to Port Arcoris for a hefty reward.

You will be working in groups to complete this mission, and you will make decisions with your teammates.
Although this RP follows a linear story, there are numerous ways you can accomplish your objective. How this RP ends is entirely up to you, and it will shape the history of Polvora as we know it.
You may start from anywhere, but preferably, you should be somewhere in the Gibral Peninsula so that you can get to the inn faster.
When you start out, your character knows nothing of the island of Kesuma. You must learn about it by talking to locals.
The level of difficulty of this RP will be scaled to your character's abilities.
Create your character
Character: What is your name?
Race: What is your race?
Equipment: You may start with two pieces of equipment.
Skills: Are you magically capable or do you have a knack for machines?
Backstory: Who is your character and why do you wish to go on this expedition?
Location: Where are you when you receive the memo?
Action: What's the first thing you decide to do?
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