Adamantine Golem
General statistics
Born Unknown
Affiliation Golem Empire (formerly)
Titles Adamantine Golem
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Status Alive, in hiding
Species Elemental Golem
Gender Male personality (genderless)
Height 80 meters (220ft)
Weight Unknown
The Adamantine Golem is an 80 meer tall Elemental Golem made of Adamantine.

The Adamantine Golem has an extreme hatred for biological beings, and was shattered to pieces by the Empire of Shai-Shun. His head was located in the Golem Empire territory, but after he was successfully reformed, was ultimately driven into hiding.

He attempted to use his Adamant powers to conquer the divines, but was ultimatly forced into hiding by a united army of Khyorgan races.


The Adamantine Golem harbours a deep hatred for all biological beings, as well as the divines. This is a result of his experience with the Shai-Shun, and what he saw as the divines allowing the Shai-Shun to enslave his people.