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The Andavronian Paladins are the elite units of the Andavronian Empire's Military.


The Andavronian Paladins have been given the best equipment available in Andavronia, Mithril. Their 1,6 meter Mithril swords are sheeted in a Hide swordsheet. They also wear a small 0,3 meter dagger.

Their helmets wide enough to enable it to fit around every recruit's head, when it does not fit filling will be used for both comfort and effectivenes. At the sides of the helmet are Golden wings.

The body plating is made of Mithril but has a silk cloth hanging over it, the arms and neck are protected by Mithril chainmail. They have Mithril plates decorated in the form of feathered wings. Their legs and lower arms have Mithril plating that is kept together with strings of Hide on the insides, it can be loosened at the sides of the plating.

The shield is also made of Mithril but is decorated with a 'silver eagle' (a reference to the Empire's emblem).


The Andavronian Paladins are recruited from all over the Andavronian Empire's reaches, recruits are Humans with much potential. While some are recruited from the main army most are recruited from the Khinara Desert Fortress.