The Andavronian Soldiers are the standard infantry units of the Andavronian Empire's Military.


The Andavronian Soldiers have been given a standard equipment available in the Empire's military. They have 1,2 meter long steel swords and a small 0,3 meter long dagger.

Their helmets are wide enough to enable it to fit around every recruit's head. at the sides of the helmet are

The body has only average defence, a steel chestplate protects the user of most basic harm but will still fall quickly before a might swing of an enemy. Cloth usually covers the chestplate. The Andavronian Soldiers also have knee-, elbow- and shoulder guards to protect them from harm.

The shield is made of steel but is decorated with a 'silver eagle' (a reference to the Empire's emblem).


The Andavronian Soldiers are recruited from all able-bodied men who volunteer or have been chosen to fight for the Empire. They will be trained for several weeks before they are sent off to fortresses and camps all over the Empire were they will led by commanders.