Aradesh, the capital of the Andavronian Empire, is a large city near Neyasthen in the southern parts of Andavronia. While not directly a part of the city, the Aradeshian Ringwall keeps the citizens on the field safe in case of an unexpected attack.


Outer WallEdit

The Outer Wall is the strongest defence of Aradesh, a 50m high wall defended by well-trained men and women eager to defend their home. Towers for archers are frequent and can range in size. Every 150m there is a protrusion in the wall where a catapult is situated, in case of an attack these have to take down siege equipment or large numbers of enemies.


Aradesh is divided into 12 levels, the first level can be accessed by passing the Aradesh City Gate which is positioned in the north, the next level can be accessed by a gate in the north-east-east, the next in the north-west-west, this then follows itself to the highest level.

The first 4 levels are residential areas, the 5th is commercial, recreational and educational, anyone is free to walk through the first 5 levels. If someone wants to go to level 6 he has to know a password in order to pass. Levels 6 to 8 are reserved for the nobility, the 9th level is where the city guard is stationed. On the 10th level are several warehouses where the city's food supplies are stored. Aradesh' Andavronian Paladins guardhouse is situated on the 11th level, and finally on the 12th level is the Emperor's quarters.

City walls are off-limits for citizens, exceptions can be made for nobility.

Defensive StructuresEdit

Inside the city there are several towers that can be accessed by the city's guards for defence, archers can acces them to rain death upon their foes.