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The assimilation guide will help you make your creations and stories better linked to the universe - following this guide will make it easier to write tandem with other users. Assimiliation, according to our definition, is the act of adding your creations to existing continuities. We highly encourage such acts - users planning to actively write on this wiki should do so.

While the wiki is open to retconning, we prefer to not extensively redo creations for the sake of a single, new user. It is much easier for the new user to adjust their creations to other users.

One of many principleEdit

The one of many principle states that if there is a rare set of objects or forces, there is bound to be one more in the universe somewhere else. For instance, if there is a rare artificat from a long extinct race, there is likely to be another one elsewhere. Generally, it is a good idea to allow for some ambiguity when it comes to numbers to allow for some creativity flexibility for all users. However, bear in mind that the overuse of this rule may lead to cliché or overused plot ideas.


Instead of: The super secret device is the only one of its kind that exists in the universe.

Preferred: Currently, only one of the super secret device is known to exist in the universe.

Size of the universeEdit

If your creations conflict to a great degree with other users' creations, you may want to create another plane. However, we highly recommend adding to existing planes on this this wiki in order to build on the existing stories.

Planes are very large. They are usually large areas of land, so we are far from running out of room.


Unless you are an experienced writer, we advise new users against using Gods as their creations. Gods are extra dimensional beings capable of existing in all universes at once. They project themselves via avatars, and countless Gods exist across all realities. They are a large scale race with a tight set of established rules - moreso that regular mortal civilizations. Because they exist in all universes at once, the use of the alternate universe principle will not work.

If used improperly, the creation of God-like characters can result in Mary Sues - impossibly perfect characters. To better start off in this wiki, it is best to create a small scale creation to avoid numerous continuity issues.

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