• UndeadHero

    Need Help Writing?

    February 9, 2017 by UndeadHero

    Do you want to write like Hemingway, to become better in your craft and trade?

    I have found a great program that may help you with that. This is a program that I have been using to ensure that all my articles come out pristine and nice. It is, and it is a great writing tool. Not only does it show you errors, it offers way to fix them and tells you what is wrong.

    I found this tool to be very useful in all my writing, as it doesn't track words that are fictional. It is only meant to ensure that your writing improves. I love this tool. It makes a difference in your writing, and even tells you what level of writing you are at. I try to keep it at Grade 8-10 but that's me.

    It also tracks hard-to-read sentences, and will remain hig…

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  • UndeadHero

    Changing Seylandor

    February 1, 2017 by UndeadHero

    Hey guys, as you have seen, Seylandor is kind of... Well it's an unplanned mess that is full of holes, and I have been kinda kicking myself for attempting to create something from nothing.

    Lately, however, I've been working with a friend and built (or began building) a place called the Black Marches, which are a series of Drow city-states underground with their own gods. I was curious if I could bring something like that onto here?

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  • Krayfish

    Happy 2017!

    January 1, 2017 by Krayfish


    Now that it's the start of 2017, I'll post some New Year's Resolutions:

    So those of you who have been active all know about this one. This project has been going on since 2014, but this year, I expect to make a lot of progress. A playable story demo should be available around the end of January and beginning of February.

    Later this year, I will add all the combat encounters, and the final art assets will come soon after. The game should be close to completion by the end of this year with a final release coming in 2018.

    I've also got plenty of non-Nexus games and mods, so I'll be working on those as well, but as the present, Light World is currently my largest project ever.

    I'll be revisiting Erudite Tales to revitalize two ma…

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  • TheReturnOfTheKing

    Merry Christmas!

    December 25, 2016 by TheReturnOfTheKing

    Just wanted to wish everyone a merry Christmas. Hope it's a good one :)

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  • TheReturnOfTheKing

    I mentioned on a chat with Kray and Maj that I had an interesting idea for the Volveros Revolution arc and that I would post it the next day. I missed the date, but I'm still planning to put up that post. Unfortunately, I'm going to be a bit busy for the next few days, since break's almost over and I'll be heading back to school, so I can't really say when I'll put it up. I haven't forgotten, though, and I hope it'll be up before the end of the week.

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  • TheReturnOfTheKing

    ET Planning

    June 30, 2015 by TheReturnOfTheKing

    See here

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  • Krayfish

    You're probably wondering what this new ET-spin off is all about. Let me know what sort of questions you have.

    I came up with MC about a year ago. It was actually intended to be a one-shot story set in its own universe, but then, all the background material I had started to grow, and I had a lot of different ideas for it. Of all the compiled notes I have, this is what I have set in stone.

    The universe of MC takes place in an alternative solar system on an Earth-like world known as Teragard. It was designed by a single creator god using a primordial, magical substance called miraculum which can transform into other physical substances. However, not all of the miraculum was used up and little of it remained after the creator finished. Hu…

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  • TheReturnOfTheKing

    As has been discussed here, we've decided to move to a new site in order to have more control over our creations and clean up the Nexus. You can find the new site at this link: [1]

    Anyway, I set up this blog to answer a couple questions. First of all, we have a lot of content to move over, and we should start planning how to pull that off. To make it easier, we might want to consider streamlining some of our content, or in other words, cleaning up. That would mean deleting a lot of our outdated stuff and reorganizing the content we're keeping significantly. Khyorgan could definitely stand a makeover.

    In a comment on Kray's above-linked blog post, I mentioned an idea I had where we would turn ET into a more Khyorgan-focused project, since all…

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  • TheReturnOfTheKing

    So, this is my outline for how Battle for Polvora should play out. Feel free to critique in the comments and add suggestions.

    I feel there's very little about this chapter to change.


    Double ditto.

    Triple ditto.

    OK, the one after this I actually have suggestions for :P

    This one is an expansion of Intermediate Chapter and serves as an introduction to Segara. It's basically Murni giving Bara a tour of the nation and some backstory exposition. Very little time passes within the loop.

    Establishes the events which lead to the first bombing run, as well as our characters becoming more familiar with the ship. I suggest we get familiar with it too.

    The first bombing run. May be expanded or folded into Chapter 6 depending on what happens and, more specif…

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  • SupcommMonroee

    I've just posted a blog on GC that I want everyone to look through. It details my megalithic project and how everyone can play a role by doing... absolutely nothing! That's right, I'm essentially just asking for comments with stuff in it. This stuff, of course, is detailed in the blog itself. I thought I would also post here to ensure max coverage of the community at large.

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  • TheReturnOfTheKing

    Hello? Anybody?

    November 18, 2014 by TheReturnOfTheKing

    OK, I kind of just realized that I feel very, very lonely all of a sudden.

    Editing has ground to a halt, everyone has vanished and I'm starting to get a cold, sinking feeling that I'm the only one left staring at an empty ET. Is this just mass temporary writer's block, or the beginning of something more serious? Most importantly, how do we get back on track?

    I'm not just being rhetorical here. Join in! Prove to me you're alive!

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  • Avetzan1


    September 20, 2014 by Avetzan1

    Hello there,

    It's been a long time since I've actively been a part of this wiki, and I think I can say the same for the other admins. Despite the admins being away it seems this wiki is still thriving with activity thanks to some of the users and although I would really like to get back to this, and other wikis, it seems my time is terribly organised and I need to settle into a new way of things first. I may not be coming back to this wiki if I can't manage my time and since there is an active community here I think it would be best if there was at least one active admin in place.

    Now, I'm not sure who should be admin here because I have been away from the scene a lot, so I would like a general consensus made in the comments out of who shoul…

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  • TheReturnOfTheKing

    Hey there! King here, back from my sabbatical, just saying hi!

    The sabbatical didn't go well, and my goal of spending very little time on the iPad fell through, so I reasoned if I was going to spend lots of time on the iPad, I might as well do something productive. Therefore, I'm going back to editing here.

    Now that I'm back, I was wondering if you could do me a favour. Since I've been gone a while, no doubt I've missed a lot, so do you think you could please summarize a few things that've happened recently that I ought to know about so I can catch up on the state of things? Thanks :)

    Fantastic! Allons-y! Geronimo! 19:21, August 24, 2014 (UTC)

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  • TheReturnOfTheKing

    After a roughly two-week long period of vacation, I regret to tell you that it might be a while before I'm back. Lately, I've started to realize that I'm spending far too much time using electronic devices, and I need to have a bit of time to enjoy the summer in a more physical sense. Plus, I've got a doosy of an idea for a new fantasy novel and I want to start writing. I'm not sure exactly how long I'll be gone, but I hope to be back by September. 

    I'm very sorry for the short notice, but I've waited long enough to take this break as it is. Good luck, everybody, and may writer's block be defeated forever more!

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  • Majoras revenge!!!

    A new race

    May 13, 2014 by Majoras revenge!!!

    I'm thinking of creating a new race, decided It'd be best to blog about it before just creating the page.

    So anyways, the Maliekt (just what I'm calling them for now, might change it later) are insectoid sapients with 3 sets of limbs. Their frontal limbs function as tools and have 4 long claws for diging rapidly. Their middle libs are akin to humanoid arms, and their rear libs function as legs.

    Their bodies are segmented like any other insect, and are a hard shell against enemy attacks. They are omnivorous and are native to desert regions, and average at around 6'7". Their is not currently an actual nation which they rule over, and their most likley will not be one in the forseeable future.

    The last empire dominated primarily by the Maliekt w…

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  • Basilieus

    Musings on Creations

    April 17, 2014 by Basilieus

    Basically a little spot for me to write how I'm feeling about a piece of work I've written, and its influences. I'll add more to this as I write more.

    I made this character in the model of a Caesar-esqe figure. Of course, Caesar overthrew the Republic, while Rhaedestus was merely the last in a line of warlords, but I modelled him as a military genius  and an autocrat in the style of Caesar. Unlike Caesar's great achievements prior to his Gallic and Civil wars, I made Rhaedestus less accomplished.

    The picture used for his "likeness" was of the emperor Vespasian. Vespasian seemed apt to me, personality wise. Both Rhaedestus and Vespasian had some semblance of a humour, (although I definitely made R. have less of a humour) and I find V. remarka…

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  • Zeokx

    Questions from Dawn

    February 13, 2014 by Zeokx

     Hello Erudite Tales; I'm Zeokx from the Rising Dawn Wiki and you might have heard we have become affiliates. Obviously, I became curious of Erudite Tales and I decided to look into it. I am absolutely in awe at the level of participation.

     I have a single question to ask: how do you (the people of the wiki) maintain the high levels of participation. Obviously it's a team effort, but how do you stay motivated? I absolutely love my wiki, but it's extremely hard to stay motivated (and active) when there are only myself and another Admin (Sethanic, who is awesome in a humble way I can't describe). I know it gets easier when you have new faces, so another question I find myself asking is how can I build a user base? There's probably no single, …

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  • Majoras revenge!!!


    January 25, 2014 by Majoras revenge!!!

    Guys, guys, it's an Emergancy! Some franchise is using the name Erudite!

    Just thought you'd want to know.

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  • TheReturnOfTheKing


    January 4, 2014 by TheReturnOfTheKing

    Hello, King here. Yup, I'm back, or at least I will be very soon, and I have something to show you.

    So here I was, randomly looking at various campaign settings for Pathfinder, essentially the 3.75 edition of Dungeons and Dragons, minding my own business, and I was scrolling down this page:

    Only to find a map. And then I said to myself: "What."

    Yup, it's Eidyn! The Shadowlands are Eidyn!

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  • UndeadHero

    As I have continued the creation of my series. I have come to realize how unfitting the old world is. I have come up witha  replacement. But would like an opinion on what you guys think.

    New idea:

    Before creation of the Seven Territories, there lived a tribe of clans known as the "Alzakar", these men and women (SLightly taller) had lived here for thousands of years in the way of their pantheon, which in the modern day only the Attacari worship, which is known as "The Pantheon Demonik". The idea of this pantheon was they worshipped demonic and evil gods, Nine in total, to prevent them from gaining reason to coming back to their woorld and destroying it.

    Well, Sometime during the Dark Ages, humans can began to colonizee. the founding of this ne…

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  • $17


    October 13, 2013 by $17

    I am $17, though you can just call me R17 or 17.

    I and a friend of mine named OrkMarine, come from a wiki called [Creative Universes], he is the founder of the said wiki and I am one of his admins. Some of you may have heard of Creative Universes before, and I have seen this wiki and Galactic Crucibles are affiliates, another wiki which Creative Universes is affiliated with as well, and now, I have decided to take some interest in this wiki.

    Anyways, I was just wondering if any of you guys are interested in joining and contributing to Creative Universes as well. Perhaps we may see a great deal of cooperation and collaboration in the future, and maybe both of our wikis may see some new faces who are willing to join and expand both of our wiki…

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  • Oblivion26

    Ok guys, me and Avet have been talking about many a topic that has plagues ET and has been under-talked until now. Here is what we have come up with so far:

    Me and Avet have worked out some laws of physics so that we have a guideline for what magic can do and what we can allow in Erudite. The list is as follows:

    First law: Energy and mass can be destroyed and created under certain conditions.

    Second law: Objects with no mass can travel instantaneously.

    Third law: Energy and mass will disperse equally unless a force is acting upon it.

    Fourth law: Objects which are neither Energy nor Mass are not affected by energy or mass.

    Fifth law: The universe is linear and stable. Time travel and other methods are possible, but do not change events.

    Sixth law:…

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  • Avetzan1

    To let everyone know, I have sent off a request for the sitename and URL of this wiki to be changed.

    It is dropping the "Omniverse:" prefix and the URL is changing to ""

    This has been done as the Omniverse: prefix makes no sense what-so-ever to be in the title and most all users have agreed that this needs to be changed.

    The change should occur within 2-3 business days as stated by the request form information.

    Avetzan1 (talk) 13:02, July 28, 2013 (UTC)

    The change has occurred Avetzan1 (talk) 17:35, July 28, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Oblivion26

    ET Revival

    July 4, 2013 by Oblivion26

    Well its quite obvious, but ET has been basically in the graveyard in terms of activity for the past few months. Now that we've defined the borders of ET and GC, I believe its high time we finally finish at least the main story. As Kray's way of completing stories over at GC seems to be the best way at the moment, I believe we should also use that style. However, unlike GC we do not have a story AT ALL to work with. With that in mind, I've created a document so we can all gather out ideas and plan a story.

    The link is here:

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  • Horakoeri


    March 12, 2013 by Horakoeri

    While most of you know we get most of our images from from AlphaCoders and its affiliate sites (WallpaperAbyss, ArtAbyss, etc...). While I personally have no problem with using images I randomly find I will always keep in mind that some might be copyrighted, but ask yourself the question; "Is this copyrighted?".

    What happens if you don't know? I'll tell you, it probably is. You'll almost never find an awesome picture that's not copyrighted. But how can you be so sure and/or prove it? There's actually an easy way to do so. And that will be Google images...

    Here's a quick tutorial with pictures, because that might make everything easier to follow.

    Find an image you like and of which you're not sure it's copyrighted or not (but again, we all kno…

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  • Avetzan1


    March 10, 2013 by Avetzan1

    As you should know by now, on OGC the achievement system has been tried, and has been fairly successful.

    It has made some users by far more productive and gives you things to look out for with stuff concerning your page, or just general milestones for everyone on the wiki.

    Seeing this I thought "Why don't we try it here?", so, I am. From now the achievement system will be in use for us to see how far we are, how productive we are, and general milestones in our progress.

    I think this will help some users who aren't on here as much (including myself) to do more on the wiki and hopefully iin the end, make it better.

    If you have anything to say about this, please feel free to say in the comments section.

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  • WikiBuilder1147

    Hello again, peoples

    February 16, 2013 by WikiBuilder1147

    Hi there, guys

    I am betting I missed a lot since I left the wiki. Now, I'm guessing my Perilian kingdom is INSIGNIFICANT! :(

    Anyway, I'm leaving my... um... leave of absence, and I shall try to become a more active writer on ET, although I still will concentrate most of my efforts on our sister project, the Omniverse Galactic Conquest wiki. If there are any questions that concern me, please leave a comment in the comments section.

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  • Horakoeri

    Plane Maps

    December 13, 2012 by Horakoeri

    As you all know I've made the map for both Erudite (well, made the pic more detailed instead of the scan :P ) and Khyorgan. Now, I'm willing to make maps for whatever reason you want it, be it the other planes, coasts, regions, provinces or anything, be sure to tell me.

    Also, I was planning on redoing the map of Erudite during the Winter Vacation, if you got ideas on how to improve the details of your areas then tell me, ideas are welcome. There's still some time though, so you don't have to worry about anything being messed up now :)

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  • IceBite

    Need Images

    October 10, 2012 by IceBite

    I am currently looking for images for a few of the creatures I've made. If anyoen can find such images, that would be of great help.

    • Megascorp (Resembles real-life Fat-tailed Scorpion)
    • Gigaspi (Resembles either Wolf Spider, Brown Recluse Spider, or Black Widow Spider)
    • Komodo (Resembles bipedal Komodo Dragon, see image in comments on article for example)
    • Krettin Thuro Sabres (Resembles spiky, jagged Scimitars)
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  • Goku259

    Rising Dark arc

    October 5, 2012 by Goku259

    Ok oblivon suggested I ask Avetzan and Nra what they think of my arc to be so I made blog for it

    A dark mage ruled Eidyn and he had obscure plans to conquer all of Erudite but before so a civil war begun that shook the foundation of his empire the war waged on for many years and one day the mage died on the battlefield but he had one last weapon a failsafe if you would to awaken when he fell but something went wrong and the creation did not wake up near modern day the creation awoken through unknown reasons in the form of a boy that lost his memory the creation is going to be main charatcer

    copy and pasted off of chat

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  • Majoras revenge!!!

    there is an evil Adamantine golem mind controlling the golems and making them evil, but only it's head is alive and the golems are building it back together the heroes must attempt to stop the golems eventually they fail and the golem araises and moves out twords the gods and attacks them being made of adamantine he is succsesfull and the heroes must unite all the nations to save the world eventually the golem is hit in the eye with a trebuechet wich releases the golems from his controll and he escapes to reappear in another arc later

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