Deep Ekati is a source of magical power in Erudite. Commonly found in Subterra, It is a key resource to many Subterran civilizations, who rely on magic moreso than surface civilizations.

Properties Edit

Deep Ekati is a special mineral that is formed underground, when Ekati mixed with the darkness and extreme pressures of Subterra. When active, Deep Ekati glows a bright red and draws on life energy to remain powered. When ormant, t's color changes to a neutral white or a dark gray. Deep Ekati is often found in large, stalagmite shapes in Subterra. Due to its pulsating aura, many Subterran races become to it. In legend, the call of Deep Ekati is like a siren call in the deep, and is almost musical.

Deep Ekati can hold and unleash magic, yet it requires life energy as a fuel which can come from blood or plants. Unlike Ekati, Deep Ekati's power seems to be based more on the amount of fuel rather than the size. Because of this, many races use it with caution.

Deep Ekati also holds many risks that regular Ekati does not. When broke, Deep Ekati begins to splinter. These splinters, if exposed to an open wound, will begin growing and feeding off the user. If contracted, it does not have a cure and will turn the victim into a new crystal over time. If infected, many victims claim to hear a whimsical song that draws them to other Deep Ekati sources.

Alchemists have developed an elixir that can improve ones resistant to its effects. No cure has been successful found. Dark Elves have discovered methods that prevent spreading through amputation or cauterization.

Statuses of Deep Ekati Edit

Jacinth IncidentEdit

One hundred years after the events of Mask of Bara, a series of excavations were conducted just off the coast of the city of Jacinth in Emsius in an attempt to uncover the rumored location where the Grand Idol lay. However, what they found was a huge store of Deep Ekati. As modern Emsius had no previous exposure to Deep Ekati, they were unaware of its effects save from what was written in legends, and unwittingly, the returning miners came back infected with ekati poisoning and spread a plague throughout most of Jacinth's population. The entire city was put under quarantine with Militia troops being sent over to secure the perimeter and neutralize the threat. This eventually culminated to a series of events that led to the rise in power of Alder Carnelian.

Trivia Edit

  • Deep Ekati is not considered a variant of Ekati due to how differently it reacts, and how it seems to be an almost living structure.
  • Deep Ekati is only created in Subterra, but very rarely can be found on the surface in caves and mines. Areas previously affected by Ekati poisoning, such as Jacinth, still have scars of Deep Ekati as it may grow in sewers and underground structures.
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