This article is about naturally occurring elemental Golems. For the artificial constructs, see Golem.
Lava golem
A Lava Golem
General information
Status Stable
Native plane Khyorgan, Eidyn
Type Elemental
Symmetry bilateral
Diet Geovorous
Lifespan 800-1500 years
Other distinctions Triangular head, large size
 Golems are large magic-animated elemental beings found on several continents in Erudite. The golems themselves are usually solitary and isolationist, though tribalistic groups are occasional, such as with the golems who were enslaved by the Empire of Shai-Shan.



Golems eat minerals and rocks, however they are also capable of carnivorous behavior, and are one of the few natural predators of Dragons.


Lava golem:Edit

Lava golem

lava golem

A Golem that is born of volcanoes, it has the power to spew magma and volcanic gases, and it can cool lava with just a touch if it so wills it.

It's physical features (including it's animalistic head) are the basis of almost all other Elemental Golems. It has a primarily Humanoid body, save it's long, serpentine tail.

Earth GolemEdit

Normally subterranean this Golem has a much bulkier tail then the others. It's primarily made of Brownish-Grey stone, with reddish stone right behind the eyes, and on the arms & hands. The fingers are much bulkier than other Golems', their Shoulders and back are covered in moss, and darker stone near the tip of the tail.

Molten BaneEdit

The Molten Bane lacks a solid body, aside from it's head, and is composed simply of a pillar of lava.

Forest Golem:Edit

A Golem able to control plants and communicate with animals. The Forest Golem can shoot a ray that, upon contact makes trees, bushes, flowers and other greenery grow wildly. Resembles a lava golem covered in various greenery from bushes to giant trees, and water constantly pours from it's back, allowing these plants to grow. Large ones are often mistaken for mountains or islands due to their sluggish nature.

Zephyr GolemEdit

A Golem similar in composition to a cloud, they can bend their form at will, turning parts of their bodies into solid ice.