Godmodding is the act of creating an utterly invincible character for the sole purpose of defeating everyone else. It is highly frowned upon in the writing community. Not only does it make other writers frustrated, but it also breaches the audience's willing suspension of disbelief.


Beings known as Gods watch over the omniverse, particularly the universe of Erudite and its surrounding planes. It is their job to make sure the universe remains in balance, so they will not interfere with mortal affairs unless the stability of the universe is threatened. Thus, they do not allow the creation of characters or civilizations that cannot be defeated.

The reason why godmodding is not allowed is simple: it's not interesting. Having a god-like character participate in a battle against ordinary mortals is like sending a steamroller to crush an ant. Battle scenes can only gain suspense when both sides have an equal chance of winning.

Primarily, one of the mandated laws is equivalent exchange. In order to obtain something, one must give up something.

Strength and WeaknessesEdit

Before participating in an RP or story, you should define your own character's abilities very clearly. It is alright to retcon your character later as you see fit, but do not make up your abilities during the middle of an RP to simply defeat the other players' characters.

All characters have weaknesses regardless of how powerful they are. The strengths must balance out the weaknesses. What is your character's kryptonite? A few examples are as follows: Characters that are good at sneaking tend to be more vulnerable in the open battlefield. Characters that are immortal can be killed by a certain substance.

The general rule is that the more powerful a character is, the more dangerous their vulnerability is to them.


It is alright to have your character have spectacular abilities that seem almost god-like, but these abilities, too, must have limits and drawback. Energy CANNOT be created from nothingness since it violates the law of equivalent exchange. Also, please refrain from copying existing characters either on this wiki or elsewhere in popular culture. The Omniverse ET Wiki is set apart from everything else because of its originality.


Sometimes, instead of characters battling, we have civilizations battling it out. The same rules apply to characters as they do to civilizations. What are their strengths and weaknesses?

Also, you must clearly define your civilization's arsenal. One man cannot defeat an entire army, and civilizations cannot obtain resources from seemingly nowhere. Just remember that battles where both sides have an equal chance of winning are the most interesting.