The following is a list of locations of Godly origin.

Major locationsEdit

Cathedral of the VoidEdit

A cathedral on the edge of the Overworld, this large church said to be the first church in existence. It is said that the interior of the church is nothing more than a dark void, and that if one somehow convinces Dominion of the act, he can transport them to a realm of existence beyond mortal understanding. One mad theologian once had a dream about this other realm, which he described as such:

"...As I looked around in wonder; all I could see around me were great stones, each filled with colors and hues. And stars....there were millions upon millions of stars, as if the darkness were nothing more than a sheet with sprinkles of light upon it. In the far distance, what truly amazed me, were the birds of steel. With wings motionless they flew across the great darkness, as if gliding on some unknown wind..."

Tower of BabylEdit

This massive tower is located on the Isle of Samaranth, an island somewhere in Erudite. The tower is so large that its base is in the Underworld, it rises through the skies of Erudite, and its top is a few miles above the surface of the Overworld. Its unknown what lies in the tower, as only someone who wields the blade Gilgamesh can enter. Rumor has it that the tower is filled with both treasures and dangerous monsters, and that at its very top floor a great power exists. What that power is has yet to be uncovered.

Zodiac ObservatoryEdit

In a great desert somewhere in the planes (Many think the Moon or the Land of the Second Sky), a great observatory was built by the gods to chart information that mortals cannot understand. Some theorize that they are charting stars for some important event, while others believe they are watching their old home for any signs of distress. In any case, the place was eventually abandoned after the fall of Verneitigen and eventually claimed by the sands of the desert. Great stores of knowledge are still kept there, and for this reason many have tried the journey to find it, though most have no success.


Pellucidar MountainEdit

A peculiar mountain that juts out of the ocean, Pellucidar is actually a gateway to the Overworld. The mountain itself only has one landing spot, a small beach where one of its cliffs crumbled and fell. This beach leads to a dangerous series of cliffs, which themselves eventually lead to a obsidian door. This door is the entrance to the long trap-laden path ahead. At it's end is a large floating ring made out of marble that when passed through transports the user to the Overworld.