Nature spirits are non-corporeal beings that inhabit the universe of Erudite. They are the embodiments of natural forces that occur such as storms, wind and other phenomena. They normally appear as wispy, ghost-like beings taking the shape of their surroundings, but they can sometimes manifest themselves in the form of a humanoid figure.

Their personality differs depending on the spirit. While their job is to cause the natural forces of the world, some like to cause mischief, while others prefer to do their jobs respectfully.

Types of spiritsEdit

Ice spiritEdit

Ice spirits are beings that inhabit the frozen areas of the world. They embody themselves in the form of snow and ice.

Forest spiritEdit

Forest spirit often disguise themselves as trees and flowers. They are guardians of the woods.

Water spiritEdit

These spirits inhabit the streams, rivers and other bodies of water in the world. They are responsible for rainfall and storms.

Wind spiritEdit

Wind spirits are the most visibly felt and active spirits. Their job is to race across the land to cause the force of wind itself. While doing so, they converse with one another, causing the sounds of wind itself. They make their homes in the Wind Caves.

Darkness spiritEdit

A strong spirit that inhabits the dark corners of the world. Though most are charged with guarding the sword Theyri, some do inhabit Eidyn. They are mischievous and often pull pranks on unsuspecting mortals like blinding them for a short time or making a part of their anatomy disappear to the mortal's surprise.

Daylight and Daybreak spiritsEdit

These spirits are formed of the light of dawn and the darkness of dusk respectively, and are tasked with sending the light of dawn as far as possible, and bringing back the light of dusk as close as possible. They work together in order to preserve the balance of light and dark.

Temporal spiritEdit

These spirits assist Aeveon in watching the timeline for potentials errors, paradoxes, or other signs of damage. Should one occur, these spirits would attempt to fix it as quickly as possible. The Kronos elves worship these spirits and help them in their attempts to keep time in check. As a result, the spirits and elves are in a beneficial relationship.

Related beingsEdit

Spirit DragonEdit

Main article: Spirit Dragon

While Spirit Dragons are closely related to nature spirits, Spirit Dragons are their own classification. Spirit Dragons are draconic, yet benevolent entities that inhabit the Ling Mountains serving as guardians of the Shuang region.