Naval peguin
Lttle penguin family exiting burrow
Baby naval penguins at the bottom of the colony.
General information
Status Balanced pop.
Native plane Eidyn and Khyorgan
Type Penguin
Symmetry Yes
Diet Fish fruit and Insects
Lifespan 50 years
Other distinctions Blue feathers, 1 meter 3 CM tall

Naval Penguins are blue penguins living in large under ground colonies.


Naval Penguins live in huge underground ice caverns filled sometimes above ground other times below water.

At the center of these colonies live the alpha male and female as well as all the eggs and larger guard penguins.

Sometimes the penguins make their colonies in icebergs and float across the sea in their boat-like colony


Naval penguins feed on fruits (a high tolerance fruit grows in their colonies ), insects and fish.

Importance to civilized culturesEdit

Naval penguins are often considered a food source, also their feathers are used to make soft pillows.