The Rhovhanionarem (Common Tongue: 'Seraphims' - Saenderhian: 'The Disguised Flying Demons') are a magical, humanoid race native to Rhovhanion. They are currently engaged in a large conflict with the Xern'viszor as they believe that they invade their lands. They are gifted with magic and have learned to use these in the fullest, they were an united people long before any sort of government was formed on Khyorgan and are proud of it. Rhovhanionarems are experts at adapting to their environments, not biologically but they will always find a way to survive hostile environments if it doesn't kill them directly (as it is in the case with lava).


The Rhovhanionarem are a tall humanoid race, they have muscular bodies and a stong, white chitinous body that protects them from harm. They have a set of dark wings that emanate dark particles, this is due to the magic stored in their wings and the magic they absorb from their surroundings. They have two small horns on their foreheads, their eyes are hidden behind small gaps in their face.

Their arms and legs are covered in thorns, spikes and tallons. When observed from closeby veins can be seen in the chitin, small pores transport a liquid throughout their body to keep them alive.


  • Rhovhanic Magocracy: The Rhovhanionarem are ruled by a council of 'mages', these are the individuals who are considered as the strongest Rhovhanionarem with great magical potency, a just mind for leading and lots of tactical insight.

Known RhovhanionaremEdit

  • Schnan'viroth-Ignis: Schnan is an explorer and a famous general in the Rhovhanic Army, he had set out on a jounrey to find the legendary sword Theyri in order to easily win the fight against the Xern'viszor.