Roleplaying and GamesEdit

Roleplaying is much like storytelling but much more layed back. Roleplaying (RP for short) is essentially multiple authors each writing small parts of a story at a time, usually from the perspectives of one or two of their own characters only, in turns and slowly build up a longer story together. Unlike Storytelling, RP is very game like in it's structure. There is usually one or two role players in charge of the entire story that set up the plot and the setting that the RP uses, as well as deciding which players are allowed to join in and when. These leades are called Game Masters/Makers (GM's), or Dungeon Masters (DM's) for short; and their job is to provide an entertaining base for the players' characters to interact in and with.

There are various ways that an RP can play out, and as such, players who are interested in joining an RP should cultivate multiple options in order to find an RP that best fits their interests. If there are none, then players are encouraged to start one, and take up the position of GM/DM for the RP, although leading an RP is not for everyone, it can be difficult and time consuming depending on the complexity of the RP.


Each GM/DM is the master of their RP. The players must follow their rules within the context of the RP, and if they do not, the GM/DM has the sole power to kick them from the game. The GM/DM's rule is law in an RP; however, there are several site rules that we have, and that Wiki itself has that limit certain types of RP's from being played.

No RP's that contain adult content are allowed here. While minor expletives are allowed, we want to keep the wiki a friendly environment, welcome to many audiences. Just have common sense.

Secondly, godmodding is not allowed here. Godmodding is the act of creating an unreasonably powerful character for the sole purpose of defeating everyone else. Such an act is frowned upon in the writing community. Not only can it make RP frustrating for everyone, but it breaches the audience's willing suspension of belief. Click here for more information.

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