The Shuang Nomads are a group of Frost Elves native to the region of Shuang. They are found in the Nomad Wilds, the unclaimed areas of the Xeng Empire.


  • Clan Qiang - A powerful aggressive warrior tribe.
  • Clan Zhi - A peaceful clan that focuses on bettering themselves rather than warfare.
  • Clan Liao - A clan that enjoys hunting
  • Blood Lotus - A fanatic group that seeks to revive the original Spirit Shenlong.


The Shuang Nomads are hunter-gatherers, searching for food and following animal herds. Frequently, they are referred to as barbarians as some clans, particularly Clan Qiang, is known to raid Xeng cities.

Culture and ReligionEdit

The Nomads share much of the same philosophy as their Xeng counterparts. They believe that harmony and balance is the key to living a good life. However, the Nomads are much more open to non-physical magic, and that technology can be too earthly of an obstacle to achieve spiritual enlightenment.


While some peaceful clans do not have militaries, the notable Clan Qiang has a very strong army. From birth, every male member of Clan Qiang is trained in the ways of the warrior and in conquest. Their most advanced weapons are spear-tipped staves which assist in spellcasting.


Shuang Nomad technology is primitive in comparison to the Xeng Empire. They have managed to train mammoths for carrying supplies, and they have magical staves as well. While they do not have access to magitek, they are far more willing to use hexing and enchantment spells. Their willingness to use a greater diversity of magic makes them a worthy opponent, even against the Xeng Empire.

The Shuang Nomads have surprising knowledge on stone masonry, which they use magic for fine tuning.