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Thereth is a large city in Andavronia, it is situated in the center of the Nezghan Fields.


This large city has several disctricts, they go from the bottom to the top of the city:

Harbor DisctrictEdit

The Harbor Disctrict is situated at the bottom of the city near the small Bay of Nrughan. Several fishing boats are docked here along with one military vessel.

Lower DistrictEdit

The Lower District is where most of the Therethian citizens live.

Market DisctrictEdit

The Market District is where the traders and merchants from all over Andavronia and beyond goe to sell their wares, guards patrol this area frequently to be available when thiefs run around.

Upper DistrictEdit

The Upper District is where the craftsmen and guilds are located.

Guard DisctrictEdit

The Guard District contains the armoury and barracks of the city, several Andavronian Paladins are stationed here at all times.

Royal DistrictEdit

The Royal Disctrict is home to the Mayor and the Nobility, they have slightly larger houses but the interior is richly decorated.

Notable IndividualsEdit